SERVPRO of Leavenworth & NW Wyandotte County Event Photos

A group of veteran's on motorcycles in veteran's day parade

Veteran's Day Parade

Leavenworth, Kansas' Veteran's Day Parade was really impressive this year! With an exceptional turnout and unusually warm weather the 2021 Veteran's Day parade was lots of fun for everyone!  

Veteran's carrying flags in Veteran's Day Parade

Leavenworth Veteran's Day Parade

Leavenworth's annual Veteran's Day Parade is always an event to remember, but it was even more so this year. With a high attendance and lots of parade participants this event was extra special!  

Two cars on a field with a SERVPRO pop up tent

Brown County Business Outing

Having fun at The Brown County Business Outing here in Hiawatha Kansas at the Hiawatha Country Club!!

A room full of people sitting down and watching a presentation

CE Class for Mold

Here at SERVPRO of Leavenworth and NW Wyandotte County we believe in funducation! Here is our Ocktoberfest themed CE Class. You will see we even have someone rocking the lederhosen. 

Two kids in SERVPRO hats are helping season meat for the Leavenworth BBQ Competition

Leavenworth BBQ Competition

Here is a photo of the SERVPRO sponsored KidQ BBQ Competition. They are seasoning like nobody's business! 

Two SERVPRO employees are standing in front of a backdrop of Bourbon Street in New Orleans

CE Class for Ethics

Here we are at our Marti Gras themed CE Class for Ethics. We had cajun food for lunch and fun Marti Gras themed prizes and decor! 

A man is standing at an American Red Cross booth posing with a fake frame

SERVPRO Convention

Every year our SERVPRO corporate office has a convention where all the SERVPRO franchisees can come together. Here is the American Red Cross booth from one year. 

A crowd of people in St Patrick's Day gear is standing outside a SERVPRO office waiting for a parade to start

More St Patty's Day fun!

We are all in front of the SERVPRO of Leavenworth and NW Wyandotte County office patiently awaiting the start of the St Patrick's Day parade! 

A SERVPRO employee has St Patrick's Day gear on standing in front of an outdoor tent with donuts

Annual St Patty's Day Parade

Here we are at one of Leavenworth's annual St Patrick's Day parades! SERVPRO is lucky enough to be right on the parade route. It was a little chilly so we provided donuts and coffee for the crowd. 

A SERVPRO table topper with a set of four Royals tickets in front of it

Royals Giveaway

One year we did a Royals ticket giveaway on social media! GO ROYALS! 

A SERVPRO employee in a blow up TRex costume with an inflatable Halloween cat behind him

Continuing Education Class for Ethics

Here at SERVPRO we like to have themes for our CE Classes to make them more fun. This is our Halloween themed CE Class. Check out our Administrative Assistant John in his TRex costume! 

A room replica is on fire with flames billowing out of it while a firefighter stands by ready to put out the fire

Continuing Education Class for Fire Cleanup and Restoration

Here is a photo of a live burn we did at a firehouse during a continuing education class on fire restoration. We thought it would be extra educational to see the fire and immediate aftermath so the people attending the class could have a better understanding of how the fire cleanup and restoration process works.

A SERVPRO employee is wearing full personal protective equipment

Continuing Education Class for Mold Remediation

Here is one of our certified continuing education instructors showing a class how to properly put on a tyvek suit.

Continuing Education Certification Class

This course has been specifically designed to teach and explain the special procedures used by professionals in drying buildings and contents. It involves four types of services including inspection of the loss, emergency services, monitoring services and restoration services. You will learn what takes place at a water damage work site during each type of service and the five fundamental principles of water damage restoration which are described by the water restoration industry in an industry standard called the IICRC S500 Water Damage Restoration Standard. We will cover the key questions a restorer asks when inspecting a wet building on the first visit to the loss site and also when the restorer checks on the drying progress of the building during the several days the wet materials are drying.