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Faster to Any Size Disaster

We recently purchased a brand new Promaster vehicle to add to our fleet and were able to use it on a new commercial claim. We were also able to use it to deliver some much needed bottled water to an area on a boil order during a storm event. 

Need help with your commercial property?

Did you know that SERVPRO of Leavenworth and NW Wyandotte County works on commercial properties as well as residential! When disaster strikes the damage is not limited to residential properties and our highly trained team is always ready to roll. We have worked on everything from churches to retail stores and are prepared to go wherever we are needed. 

Commercial Mold Remediation

Mold happens in commercial spaces too. Here Jake and Eric constructed containment to remove the mold without interfering with operations.

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During the summer of 2013 high humidity caused extensive microbial growth to twenty-three vacant units in the Single Soldier’s Quarters on Fort Leavenworth. All non-salvageable contents were HEPA vacuumed, sealed in bags, and removed from the building per I.I.C.R.C. S520 standards. Crews moved unit to unit, establishing containment and negative pressure for each to prevent the spread of contamination to unaffected units in the building. Once all affected materials were removed, thorough cleaning and HEPA vacuuming of all surfaces in each unit was performed. Post remediation verification confirmed all units had returned to Condition 1 normal fungal ecology.


A lack of climate control, combined with ground water intrusion caused primary water damage resulting in elevated humidity levels contributing to secondary mold damage to building materials. Containment and air filtration devices were utilized to establish negative pressure in the affected area to ensure that unaffected areas of the school would not be contaminated. All affected porous materials (carpet, trim, drywall, and shelving) were removed; all cabinets were removed to inspect the drywall behind them for contamination. All non-porous materials with visible mold were cleaned according to I.I.C.R.C. S520 standards. All surfaces in the contaminated area were then thoroughly HEPA vacuumed to remove any settled spores. Containment area was left under negative pressure for two days after work was completed and post-remediation verification confirmed the area was returned to Condition 1 fungal ecology.


The Newman House is student housing at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, MO. During the summer of 2012, a broken water line in the second floor laundry room flooded the structure. Vacant at the time, the water intrusion remained unnoticed. Mold caused extensive damage to the majority of the residence. Affected nonstructural porous materials were removed. Affected structural materials were soda blasted to remove excess microbial growth. Non-porous materials were treated with an EPA registered disinfectant. After initial cleaning and soda blasting were completed, all surfaces in the structure were HEPA vacuumed to remove settled spores. Post-remediation verification testing confirmed the building was returned to Condition 1 fungal ecology.

SERVPRO of Leavenworth & NW Wyandotte County can handle any size mold loss.

Mold was discovered in this commercial structure. A crew from SERVPRO of Leavenworth & NW Wyandotte County properly removed the mold. By following the IICRC S520 standard, SERVPRO mold remediation insures the health and safety of the occupants and workers.