Water Damage Photo Gallery

Termite Damage

SERVPRO of Leavenworth and NW Wyandotte County has found all kinds of secondary damage when going in to homes to clean up after a water loss. Most of the time it is mold from letting a water loss sit for too long. But this is a picture of some termite damage that was found. 


November 13th 2014 a sprinkler line burst in an area undergoing renovation at the Riverfront Community Center in Leavenworth Kansas. Originally serving as the Union Pacific Train Station it was built in 1888. Water poured down through the construction area into the main lobby and the lower level of the structure. SERVPRO of Leavenworth & NW Wyandotte Co. was onsite and crews were immediately dispatched to begin mitigation. The original wood work in the main lobby was heavily affected. A drying chamber was erected, resulting in the restoration this unique feature of this historic structure without demolition.


During a massive storm event on 7/6/15 water flooded through the back offices, bank, and sales floor of the POST EXCHANGE affecting approximately 30,000 SF. SERVPRO of Leavenworth & NW Wyandotte Co. was on site within hours to assess damages and begin a scope of work. Crews were on site shortly afterwards to begin stabilizing the loss site. Containment was set up and store displays were moved in order to allow the facilities to remain open during work.

A 53’ tractor trailer full of drying equipment and supplies was on site within 48 hours to supply crews with everything they would need to properly perform emergency mitigation services. 1 project manager, an assistant project manager, 2 supervisors, and 25 production technicians were on site to get the affected areas back up and running for business as soon as possible. Affected drywall and carpet were removed, drying equipment was set up, and the entire work area was meticulously cleaned.


In September of 2014 a fire suppression line on the 3rd floor of US Bank’s downtown Topeka branch broke. Water flooded down through unfinished condominium space, bank offices, and the main lobby. SERVPRO was on site within an hour of receiving the call for mitigation services to begin assessing damage. Crews arrived shortly afterwards to begin extracting water and containing off work areas. Special procedures were used to dry the facility without interrupting normal business operations.


January 5, 2015 downtown restaurant in Topeka, KS suffered a fire resulting in a total loss for the restaurant and severe smoke damage to the surrounding buildings. SERVPRO was called in to mitigate the secondary smoke damage to Clayton Financial Services and Jersey Mike’s Sandwich Shop. SERVPRO also addressed water damage in the basements of both buildings caused by the efforts to extinguish the fire. Jersey Mike’s was cleaned 48 hours following the initial fire and was cleared by the Kansas Health Department on the third day. Two project managers and several production technicians worked simultaneously in both locations to effectively and efficiently clean the soot and remove the odor. All levels of Clayton Financial Services were affected by secondary smoke damage and remained operational through the mitigation process. Measures were taken to control humidity in the areas of Clayton Financial Services that housed their server room and back-up files .


On February 22, 2015 Tanglewood Health & Rehabilitation Center in Topeka, KS sustained water damage caused by a broken fire suppression line. A SERVPRO project manager was on site to assess the damage within the hour. Due to the nature of Tanglewood’s operations, extra care was required to assure residents of the facility were able to safely occupy their rooms at the end of each work day. Containment and air filtration devices were used in conjunction with dehumidifiers and air movers to dry each room independently. At the end of each working day, to not disturb the residents equipment was removed to be reset the next morning . A trailer mounted generator was utilized to ensure that medical equipment essential to maintaining the health and safety of each resident was not affected by the power draw from drying equipment. Meticulous cleaning was required every evening before workers could leave the job-site to ensure safety of immune compromised residents in the affected wing.


On June 14th 2015 the offices of the Certainteed Kansas City insulation manufacturing plant flooded with rainwater affecting approximately 10,000 SF of office space. SERVPRO arrived on site shortly after to perform emergency mitigation services. Special odor counteractants were used to help keep the office work environment comfortable for office personnel during the water mitigation. After 4 days of drying the office facility was returned to dry conditions and carpets had been cleaned and deodorized.


On June 4th 2015 at 11:50 PM approximately 13,000 SF of office space at Payless Shoe Source’s national headquarters flooded with rain water. SERVPRO immediately dispatched crews to help stem the tide of rainwater flooding in from three exterior doors to ensure operations could continue the next day. SERVPRO worked with Payless maintenance personnel through the night to extract as much water as possible. Additional crews were on site the next morning to set equipment and perform removal of building materials. Due to high density building materials that could not be removed, drying took 6 days. However, SERVPRO was able to successfully dry these materials in place with minimal interruption to daily operations.